Decolonizing Non-Violent Communication
By meenadchi
Edition of 500

$20 USD

Decolonizing NVC
is a workbook stocked with activities, exercises, and ideas to explore our relationship to communication, our bodies, and each other. Using a trauma-informed approach, this workbook encourages readers to deepen our emotional vocabularies so that we can work towards a more enlivened, healthy interdependence.

Written by meenadchi. Edited by Nicole Kelly. Design by MJ Balvanera. Infographics by Hana Ward. Binding by Cynthia Navarro of Tiny Splendor.

Typeset in Sofia Pro by Olivier Gourvat from Monstardesign and Agentur Regular by Good Type Foundry. 

First edition published March, 2019, edition of 200.
Second printing of First edition in June, 2019, edition of 500.

Published by CO—Conspirator Press with the support of the Women’s Center for Creative Work. Printing by Lindsey Lee Eichenberger and Cynthia Navarro at the Women’s Center for Creative Work. 

Net profits from the book are split 50/50 between the Press and the Author.

Please contact meenadchi for all international orders. 

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