Open Calls

Co—Conspirator Press is a publishing platform for artists, writers, designers, printers, social justice workers, editors, and creatives who have been historically underrepresented in publishing, who use their voice to address intersectional feminist issues and challenge cis-hetero-patriarchy; white-supremacy; and exclusionary, colonial, capitalist, and ableist systems. At the forefront of experimental and exploratory print and graphic design, we are a testing ground for new, critical thought, invested in creating democratic print projects including books, pamphlets and other documents. We value utilizing thoughtful means of production, with materials usually produced on the riso printer, which allows products to be more cost effective, with less impact on the environment, and ultimately more accessible. We are continuously working towards more equitable publishing models, allowing us the opportunity to abundantly support the writers, designers, printers, editors, and artists that we collaborate with. Through its publications, Co—Co Press invites its audiences to become well-informed, thoughtful collaborators in building a more just and equitable society that celebrates the voices of historically marginalized artists, writers and thinkers.

Open Call for Copy Editors

Co—Conspirator Press is looking for copy editors!

CO—CO Press is looking to create a roster of QTBIPOC copy editors to work on future publications. Applicants should have copy editing experience and ideally are comfortable working with a variety of writing styles (fiction, memoir, essay, instructional manual, etc). Publications will generally be 4000-5000 words with some exceeding that limit, and we compensate $0.25 per word. You'll also get a free copy of the book when it's done!

If you're interested in being a part of CO—CO Press' pool of copy editors, please fill out the form below. Forms are rolling and folks who fill them out will be added to a roster and will receive email announcements for copy editing opportunities.

Everything we do at WCCW and CO—CO Press including copy editing, stems from our core values. They are a map of what we stand for and how we move internally and externally—connecting our intentions and actions from the smallest to the largest levels. Please read through our core values and tell us about one that speaks to you and why.”

Our Mission and Core Values can be found here:

This is form is rolling, but to be considered for publications happening in 2020, this form must be filled out no later than Monday, July 20th.