The Women’s Center for Creative Work proudly introduces Co—Conspirator Press, a space for creating, designing, distributing, and producing feminist content through the radical practice of self publishing. Co—Conspirator Press supports artists, designers and writers that use their voice to challenge and address intersectional feminist issues. We encourage artists, designers and/or writers to use Co—Conspirator Press as a means to share their content with others.

Through Co—Conspirator Press, we launched our first open call for proposals based around the idea of a Workbook. What is a workbook? What is the purpose of a workbook and how does one make use of it? How can a workbook further an intersectional feminist agenda? We’re inspired and motivated by the workbooks our fellow creatives make, including Making Art During Fascism and On Artists and Hopelessness, both of which were written by our board member Beth Pickens, designed and printed by WCCW, Modern Women’s Many Moons Workbook and the Women’s Center for Creative Work’s Feminist Handbook, which we hold close to our hearts.

Co—Conspirator’s relationship with the author begins at the time of selection of their work. Over the course of 5 weeks, Co—Conspirator and the author will work towards finalizing the book content, design and production.

We are no longer accepting applications. The selected proposal will be announced by mid-April, 2019.  

The next open call for proposals will take place in Fall 2019.

Selected authors will receive a stipend of $250 for content, as well as 25 free copies of the book once printing has been completed. Additional print runs will split profits between WCCW and the author.

Questions? Please email for any inquiries.

Who Should Submit a Proposal?

In alignment with our Core Values, we’re invested in creating value around the cultural production of women and nonbinary folx through supporting their exhibitions, programming, publishing, businesses, and other artistic and creative projects. We prioritize proposals that center people who have historically been marginalized in creative industries such as design and publishing. This includes content created/designed by and/or centering people of color (especially Black, or Indigenous people), trans & cis women, as well as non-binary people, and disabled people.

Why is this important?

WCCW makes a dedicated effort to challenge cis-hetero-patriarchy; white-supremacy; and exclusionary, colonial, capitalist, and ableist systems. Members of marginalized groups are often most equipped to critique and survive under oppressive systems, which is why everyone benefits from the perspectives of people who belong to these groups.

Submit A Proposal

Are submission period is now closed. Check back in the Fall for our next submission period.