The Creative Black Woman’s Playbook
Written by Veronica C. Ratliff
Edition of 300
$10–$20 (sliding scale)

An interactive guide for black women of all ages, to not only create the creative life they want, but to monetize every aspect of it.

Self published by Co—Conspirator Press with the support of Women's Center for Creative Work.

Designed by MJ Balvanera, Edited by Sarah Williams and Hana Ward, Riso-printed by Nadinne Natalia, Illustrations by Hana Ward.

Size: 5" x 7.5", 60 pages.

*Why are there different prices for this book? We believe that flexible pricing makes this book more accessible. However, if you are able to pay the higher amounts, please do! 50% of the net income from this book goes directly to the author, so the more you pay the more you're supporting the artists work.

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